Booking Policy

The following policy has been implemented from 1st July 2023:


1.1 - Bookings can be made online via the Soccarena website, by telephone or in person at the facility.
1.2 - For all online bookings, an account must be created with Soccarena Durham at
1.3 - Once a booking has been made you will receive an email confirmation of the date & time of the booking
1.4 - If booking by telephone or in person, full payment must be made to secure the booking
1.5 - For ‘one-off’ bookings, these can be made up to 7 days in advance subject to availability, however, payment must be made at the time of booking


To avoid cancellations at short notice or ‘no shows’, a new block booking process will be implemented:
2.1 - A block booking will only be accepted in the name of a team manager / club secretary / lead contact.
2.2 - Payment for block bookings can be made weekly or monthly for the full block booking in advance on receipt of an invoice or by cash, card or BACS payment in advance at the point of hire.
2.3 - If payment is weekly, this requires a pre-payment before the booking commences, securing the date and time slot.
2.4 - Payment is then taken at each session on arrival, prior to the session commencing, so the booking always remains one week in advance, meaning the final week of the block is pre-paid.
2.5 - Soccarena reserves the right to adjust a block booking. In cases such as facilities being unavailable for required maintenance work, structural work and/or essential repairs. In this situation 30 days notice will be given.
2.6 - Soccarena reserves the right not to renew any block booking. In this situation 14 days notice will be given.
2.7 - Soccarena reserves the right to amend their prices at any time. In this situation 14 days notification would be given and the option given to discontinue the booking.


3.1 - For the avoidance of doubt, you are obliged to make all payments regardless of non-attendance, except during pre-agreed holiday periods, as part of your signed agreement.
3.2 - Soccarena reserves the right to cancel your booking and any future bookings with us if we are refused authority for payment or reasonably believe that payment will be refused at any stage.
3.3 - If there are repeated cancellations with less than 48 hours’ notice, this may result in the termination of the remainder of the block booking. Any future bookings will then be subject to availability and on a ‘one-off’ booking basis only.
3.4 - A minimum of 1 month's notice must be given to terminate an entire block-booking contract otherwise the full hire fee for the next cycle will be payable.
3.5 - Hirers may request like for like changes to their original booking giving a minimum of 3 days notice such as move the session to another day of the week (subject to availability) - within 7 days of the original booking.
3.6 - Overdue accounts may result in the suspension of use until the outstanding balance amount is cleared.
3.7 - Regrettably, there may be an occasion where we are required to amend your booking or cancel the booking altogether. In such a case we will give you as much notice as possible and fully refund your booking payment. However, Soccarena will not be responsible for any costs, expenses or losses incurred arising from this type of amendment or cancellation


4.1 - All bookings must be paid in advance
4.2 - Customers with long standing block bookings will be required to pay on arrival at the facility, prior to the commencement of the booking unless your booking is by a pre-arranged alternative process.
4.3 - For all online bookings, the payment will be requested by credit or debit card.
4.4 - Telephone bookings will require the full payment to be made to secure the booking.
4.5 - For customers paying in person at the facility, there is an option of cash or card payments.
4.6 - Soccarena will not store your card details once you have securely entered your card number into a payment page
4.7 - When using a credit or debit card to secure a booking, payment will be taken at that time.
4.8 - Soccarena shall not be responsible for refunding individual players. Refunding of individual players will be the responsibility of the customer making any team booking for the pitch.


5.1 - If the Soccarena or New Ferens Park stadium facilities are rendered unable wholly, or in part, to carry out its obligations by reason of force majeure, then the Soccarena team will give notice and will therefore be released from those obligations, which can no longer be fulfilled.
5.2 - For the purposes of these terms and conditions, a force majeure event will be interpreted to include all circumstances beyond the control of the facility, including the potential suspension of services as part of measures required as a result of severely bad weather or a pandemic.


6.1 - The organiser is responsible to ensure that all participants including coaches, players and spectators follow our venue regulations.


· Failure to adhere to the payment terms may result in cancellation of the block booking and thereafter only individual bookings may be made, subject to availability.
· Booked pitches can only be used for playing football and use of the pitches is subject to the rules and code of conduct operating at the facility.
· Customers making a block booking are solely responsible for ensuring compliance with these terms and conditions, including ensuring payment is maintained one week in advance of use of any pitch.
· Any booking that has booked the previous block will get first choice of their slot for the following block.